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Wedding hairstyles for long hair. 145 photos of the styling for the bride.

Hochzeitsfrisuren für langes Haar. 145 Fotos von Styling für die Braut.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair. 145 photos of styling for the bride.

Wealthy inhabitants of ancient Rome spent several days and nights before the wedding in the hairdressing salon. But after getting a unique and very complicated hairstyle, she had to cut her hair for a short while, as the hairdressing could not be combed.

Modern rituals of creating medium and long hairstyles are much more humane, but the process of their creation is of utmost importance to modern brides. Perfection all day long is the motto of the hairstyles. Elegance and practicality – at the height of fashion, and this hairstyle should look natural, the beauty is emphasized by exquisite accessories, adding luxury to the works of art of the stylists.

Hairstyles for long hair: the most important trends.

The most relevant remain hairstyle braids with intertwined pearl threads. When the hair is passed from the face to the back of the head, the bride looks more youthful. Hair is waved, complement the pearl necklaces and small pins. The hair filled with the varnish is no longer up-to-date, as it does not emphasize the natural beauty of the hair, and it is impossible to call it practical.

For long-haired hairdressers, choosing a hairstyle for a wedding is more free, but you should not just use the recommendations of fashion magazines: it’s important to choose a hairstyle based on the type of face, the figure, or the style of the wedding dress. Hairstyles made of half or very loose hair look very elegant. Bundles and tails are considered more relevant as they focus on the neck and allow you to use more original accessories. The disadvantage of these hairstyles is one: spreading such a product is not easy.

Hairdressers do not recommend fine curls on thin hair because the hair does not even last in the evening, and the hair will get tangled and fluffy, making the bride’s head a dandelion. Medium curls, on the contrary, give a picture of romance and add volume to a hairstyle. If you snag nasty hairs under the veil, make a knot or a cone out of them, you can extend the effect of the hairstyle, because without them, such hair will not look festive for more than a few hours. For the gorgeous hair that keeps the shape perfect, high Greek style hairstyles, loose braids and various braids are good.

The use of colors.

Delicate flowers, buds and buds in the hair of the bride enhance the impression of delicacy and fragility. But even girls have questions about such a decoration: How long are the flowers in the bridal bouquet and the hair, what happens if the decoration fades too fast? Picking flowers is very important. Large flowers have lost their relevance: they are difficult to combine with a dress, and even more noticeable that they have withered.

But little buds do not have to get involved. The brides themselves choose the shades, but the stylists believe that pastel and soft tones are suitable for blonde girls, and brunettes will be able to use shades more vividly. But the stronger the contrast in the color of the plants with the color of the hair, the less flowers must be used for decoration. It is necessary to buy flowers for the decoration of the hairstyle in advance: after all, broken stems and damage to the buds and flowers themselves are not excluded. Florists will tell you which plants to pick, and specialists know better which flowers can be more easily woven into your hair or attached with clips.

Trends this year.

Designers, not stylists or hairdressers, determine the main trends of the season. In the coming year, simple hairstyles adorned with luxurious accessories come first. In ethnic fashion, a little mess, “hippies” and decorations with pearls and even threads. Veil – a symbol of the purity of the bride, and this accessory is very popular. To emphasize this detail, having to think about the wedding hairstyle, and making sure it is important in advance. Classic hairstyles are always in fashion. On long hair they look like the embodiment of elegance and sophistication. Complicated styling or a roll, loose pile or smooth curls – all these are current hairstyles of the season.

Figure styling – a way for the bride to stand out from the solemnity of the moment. For example, curls can be placed in the petals, and the master weaves decorative elements into the hairnet. Decorated with pearls, pearl curls, laid in a specific order, form a unique hairstyle. If the bride’s veil is single-layered and simple, then the Greek-style hairstyle is perfect for the girl. Not worse than “Babette” looks at the hair of medium length. A spectacular addition – a triple tire.

Collected on the sides of the hair, taken up by the needles, decorated with flowers. To fix the hair, you can use hair spray and varnish. On one side are the hair, combed to a straight parting, provided with a large flower and decorated. The barriers on the other side of the wind and fix themselves in the direction of the face. This guy belongs to the classic. Thick hair can be gathered into a hairstyle with curls with a diadem, you do not have to chop it into a knot. Not required and paint strong fixation: curls should remain natural and voluminous.

When you plait ruffled hair into a free French braid and place it in the shape of a basket that stretches a few braids that fall freely on your shoulders, you get a very beautiful Greek-style hairstyle that combines elegance and simplicity. The hairstyle of the sixties remains fashionable in the current season. Combed and curled hair in large curls fit on the back of the head. Hair decorated with ribbon and decorative flowers.

Hairless – hairstyle carefree. Large curls are leveled with the hands, a loose braid is formed from individual strands, in which random flowers are arranged.

How to choose a hairstyle for the wedding.

The hairstyle should be comfortable for the bride and not cause her inconvenience. Risk their beauty is not worth it, especially on such a great day. Therefore, it is better not to risk entrusting the creation of hairstyles to the master. In the flower composition on the long hair, guests are surprised even by the plants themselves, which form a very bizarre hairstyle, and an amazing aroma that gives the bride charm and surprising romance. Orchids can be attached to the crown, and a variety of flowers can be attached to the beam.

First, the general style is determined, and on the basis of this, both the hairstyle and the flowers are selected for them. In hairstyles with veils flowers are woven into an original wreath. Experts do not recommend lily hair for decoration because of their rather strong aroma, which causes headaches. For dark or red hair, the best option is orchids, and scarlet roses are suitable for blondes and brunettes.

For fresh flowers need special attention, but all efforts are justified. It is important to keep flowers in a cool place with enough water to keep them fresh before the ceremony. But it is such decorations in the hair of the bride that will make her image unique and she will not only show up but become a true princess on such an important day for herself. Finally, there are tips to help you choose a hairstyle and decide in advance for the best option. They are easy to follow.

1. The hair must necessarily take into account all features of the bride’s appearance, the shape of her face and the flaws – to hide.
2. Definition of the hairstyle is important in combination with a wedding dress: they must be in harmony. The ideal choice is to involve a stylist in choosing a dress that helps to create a complete picture. Wedding hairstyle catalogs greatly facilitate choosing a suitable option.
3. For the wedding, the hairstyle should be smooth, without oversize. The best option – thin braids, placed around the head.
4. A few months before the wedding, you can do a sample hairstyle, try several styling options so that you can eliminate all the food.
5. Two days before the wedding, it is better not to wash your hair because freshly washed hair will keep its shape bad. We will have to do without shampoo, but the reward will be a nice hairstyle. And that is such a sacrifice.
6. If the wedding is scheduled for the morning or afternoon, then a brilliant decor is better to use a minimum, so the sunlight makes such decorations inappropriate. In a hair not bad weave small flowers.

The most solemn and magical day is also the most important day for the bride. She will not work. Before her chosen one, the girl should appear in a fabulous and unique image. Therefore, pay close attention to everything: the choice of clothing, interior, make-up and, of course, hair.

More than 140 photos of long wedding styling.

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Hochzeitsfrisuren für langes Haar. 145 Fotos von Styling für die Braut.


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