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Wedding hairstyles with a veil. More than 145 photos of wedding arrangements with a veil.

Hochzeitsfrisuren mit einem Schleier. Mehr als 145 Fotos von Hochzeitsarrangements mit einem Schleier.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil. More than 145 photos of wedding arrangements with a veil.

Wedding ceremonies change annually, and celebrations that are familiar to the last century. Are no longer reference. Traditions, customs – everything changes. Only one element remains unchanged – the bridal veil. This detail of the clothing is symbolic in a special way and can also be used in the wedding ceremony.

Veils: for short haircuts and long braids.

Probably, therefore, for an increasing number of brides, the choice of hairstyle is determined by the combination with a veil. Brides with short haircuts should not be annoyed that you have to have a lot of trouble attaching the veil to your hair: it looks good with long and short hair. Veil – a real chic that can drastically change the image of the bride. The girl looks more aristocratic, royal and surprisingly fragile. And no matter in which style and color her dress is.

Long hair is a luxury that modern girls can not afford forever. Especially nice hair cared for. An excellent hairstyle is a veil combined with simple styling. You can do it yourself, but it’s better to use the help of a wizard.

Variants of wedding hairstyles.

For a hairstyle, clean hair is split into two parts, each combed at the roots to give volume and separate the strands, curling curls. Then you have to repair each lock with paint. After processing all stages, they are fastened with rivets and covered again with a layer of varnish. The veil on the combed hair joins perfectly and looks – very effective.

The next option is not difficult to do independently. The basis of the hairstyle is weaving. Elegant and very beautiful and looks beneficial. For him, the hair is combed at the roots and woven on the side or around the head to a French network mesh. Strands stretched by him in random order to preserve the volume. Then it remains only to stab the veil.

Follow the fashion trends in the fashion of wedding hairstyles – a prerequisite condition: after all, the bride should not only look beautiful, but also stylish. For medium length hair, a ponytail is an excellent option. First, the hair is collected in a low tail, thereby pre-buffing, and then the hair is collected in a bun. The veil attached to the hairstyle on the back looks very feminine.


A spectacular hairstyle will result if you twist your hair with curlers on the head, collect the rest of your hair in a knot and fix your hair with varnish and invisible hair. Then the curls are gently stretched. You can stay face-to-face, frame it, and be repulsed. Now the last addition – the veil.

Negligent natural curls – a very beneficial hairstyle with a veil. You need a curling iron, a varnish, a comb, beautiful hairpins and a veil. Curls can be made using tweezers with large nozzles to achieve greater naturalness. To fix a lot of paint is not needed: just enough spraying is enough. You can make curls, curl the hair, highlight the strand of hair and turn it back. The next step is to fix the perfect hair with hairpins and fasten the veil.

Weave and braids.

A very good option – braids, braided in a basket on the head. Gradually, all new thin strands are woven, which turns the hair around the head with a crown and the veil looks very impressive. If you straighten your hair and then only twist the ends, you will get a very delicate hairstyle with a veil after fixing the hairpins on the back of the head. The most popular hairstyles stay fast and do not take many hours to create. One of the options – hairstyle from the wiring. The first method is a small pile of flagella. After attaching the veil it looks especially nice.

The second option is to twist the hair into bundles and collect them in a knot on the back of the head. The hairstyle is voluminous, and the veil is attached to it without difficulty. But you should use beautiful accessories so that they form a single ensemble with a dress. You can curl your hair into curls, divide it in two and place it on your shoulders. On each side of the separation thread can be twisted into small strands and lead back. Then they are attached with a volumetric hair clip and fastened with a veil.

Loose hair

Hairstyles on curly hair with a veil look very delicate and touching. It’s very easy to do it, all you have to do is fix the veil – and the picture is complete. You can curl your hair with light curls so that the hairstyle does not look too light, or you can decorate it with flowers. Especially beautiful is this version with a veil over her shoulders, as seen in the photos.

Very loose look and loose hair with a lush veil that covers the hair. With long combed hair, the hairstyle with lush and short veils on the shoulders is particularly noticeable. Perhaps the most entertaining option is to combine a veil with a diadem. In order to do this, it is important to choose elements that are suitable for decoration that emphasize the grace of the bride. A short veil is very suitable for hairstyles with bangs. For a long veil, hairstyles should be chosen that are not too high or too lush.

Secrets of choosing a veil.

The veil is suitable for all kinds of evening dresses. Hairstyles with her look very impressive, and the bride is surprisingly attractive. Modern fashion offers airy and romantic hairstyles. An asymmetrical styling or slight negligence is combined with an arbitrarily long veil. Greek hairstyles are particularly good in combination with a medium length veil and layered. On the wedding day, girls dream of looking like real queens, and in fact it is enough to add a veil with a wide lace trim to this hairstyle. It is ideal for a wedding ceremony and is especially good in combination with a dress with a train.

According to ancient belief, the veil protected the bride from evil forces, for the girl was wrapped in a translucent veil from head to toe. Initially, the most expensive fabrics were used to make this piece of wedding dress, and only wealthy ladies could afford such an item. Modern veil is available for everyone, but to choose the right option, you should follow some recommendations. For short dresses, choose a hairstyle with a short veil. It is important to know that for a short dress decorated with ruffles, ruffles and draperies, one should choose a simple veil and for a laconic and austere dress – a wedding hairstyle with a veil embroidered with pearls and rhinestones.

Short veil does not look like ballroom silhouette outfits, but it fits perfectly with a Spanish outfit. A veil is no obstacle to mischievous hairstyles on short hair. This image will be remembered by all present for a long time: original and very stylish. In shape, color and length in the choice of the main accessories of the bride of the modern girl, nobody and nothing limits. A veil will adorn every style and image, it is a recognized symbol of purity and innocence, and beautiful hairstyles with it are both a tribute to traditions and an opportunity to feel beautiful and mysterious. Every hairstyle is associated with it, and to choose from the diversity of its own, unique, it is enough at a glance.

Gallery of hairstyles with veils and veils for brides.

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Hochzeitsfrisuren mit einem Schleier. Mehr als 145 Fotos von Hochzeitsarrangements mit einem Schleier.


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