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Women hairstyles for long hair. 230 photos.

Frauen Frisuren für langes Haar. 230 Fotos.
Frauen Frisuren für langes Haar. 230 Fotos.

Women hairstyles for long hair. 230 photos.

The decoration given to women by nature is long, luxurious hair. True, the length of the strands is determined by its owner. But always the appeal of women with long curly hair is much more than the owners of fashionable haircuts. The care of such hair is more complicated, but the charm of such victims is worth it!

Many stylish and effective hairstyles for long hair were invented. And the way of styling depends entirely on the lady. The main thing – to choose a comfortable option, comfortable for the owner of the head of hair, and beautiful. And with this approach, the exterior can be successfully adapted. I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting pictures in a large photo collection in this article.

All hairstyles can be divided into two groups: everyday life and holidays. This does not mean that daily hairstyle is not worth the effort. On the contrary, the ladies want to look attractive every day. And to feel your charm, you need no reason.

Daily styling

Long curls need attention and care. You need to wash them and constantly strengthen them, cut the split ends and control the brightness and strength. You do not need much time for everyday hairstyles. That’s his dignity. But excessive simplicity is not required either. Decorative accessories will even stop the usual loose hair in a stylish hairstyle.


There are several types of this seemingly familiar hairstyle: on the side, down, up, on the back of the head. You can fix several tails or use asymmetry or symmetry. Often the strands turn in the tail or braid into a network. It will be original and stylish. From the strands you can twist the harnesses. Get a more creative option.


The simplest and win-win is a stylish braid. From French weaving to classic, there are many variations. They need a little time and the office does not need an extravagant picture.

You can fix the weaving on the head with an edge. Get a neat and concise hairstyle. Business code is not broken. Romantic encounter – more variations. Nettle on the lower third or one-third of the scalp, French braids with woven jewelry.

If it is possible to weave artificial strands that differ in color in two or more tones, then it is quite fashionable to use a similar technique. Long and medium hairstyle only wins by adding volume.

To facilitate the image of the hairstyle published on the pages of a few strands. It turns out to be a convenient option for a walk, friendly gatherings, exits to a cafe. You can braid to one side or make two braids with jewelry woven into it. Even the strict version will be soft and feminine.

For every day the skewer is a universal option. The results can be amazing. “Little dragons”, “fish tails”, “braids on the contrary”, “double-spines” are not the names of all types of weaving.

All tricks and combinations are allowed here. It’s worth noting that weaving is at the height of fashion, and even the usual version is very relevant.


This hairstyle is executed immediately. Strands are taken in the tail, turned around his base and fastened with pins. There is an option – a high braid that is twisted by a “shell”. Looks good and has a sharp beam. The option for working days is almost universal: the business image is guaranteed.

Practical and versatile option – Beam. There is almost no time needed for the construction. For a flat, hair is tied with a tail on the back of the head, a loop consists of the bases, and the whole mass of the strands is divided into two parts. Pull the entire length through the loop several times until a strand is obtained. Its tips are attached to the base. Side strands on the finished bundle. The result is the perfect option: feminine, strict and stylish.

In the ballet variant, a pair of side strands is separated from the total mass and fixed laterally. The rest of the hair is tied with a tail and wrapped around the rubber band. Strengthen the construction of invisible and nicely laid strands. The tips are hidden under the beam. For office or official banquet – amazing choice.

Half cocks

This option is more commonly called Malvinka. Hair collected from the temples is tied with a tail or woven into a scythe. Models in different lengths, finishes and decorations. There are matching variations for ladies in elegant age and for young ladies. So the half-tail has stopped being a girlish and only option.

Of course, it is impossible to list all the hairstyles on long hair for each day. But the owners of such hair have already chosen their best options. This does not stop them from developing new hairstyles, as in the photos in our large gallery.

How to choose hairstyles

It is not enough to make a haircut, it is also necessary to choose the right kind of face and structure of the hair.

Chubby ladies have the same face in width and length. The largest volume is in the area of ​​the cheeks. Hairstyles with a round face are shown with a volumetric tip or a raised tip. Temples opposite should be smoothed. The variation is optimal – asymmetry.

Oval faces – a recognized ideal. The chin and forehead areas are approximately the same. Almost any styling except the raised neck is suitable here.

With square faces with prominent cheekbones and massive pines, it is necessary to lift part of the hair at the back of the head and frame the cheekbones with strands. The forehead is as open as possible. Especially good hairstyles are symmetrical, which visually smoothes the cheekbone stiffness.

With a rectangular shape, options that hide ears and without vertical lines are good.

The triangular shape with pointed chin is a volume that acts at ear level. It looks softer with her chin. Perfectly fitting options “malvink”.

A rare option is a diamond-shaped face. Here are the best hairstyles smoothed. Be sure to consider the type of hair. Rare and thin locks require voluminous styling and fleece. Curly hair benefits from curls, waviness and volume created.

But the condition of the hair – the main criterion. In strands severely damaged by heat treatment falling curls look very losing. Such hairstyles have to be postponed until the full recovery of health.

Options for the evening

Solemn cases include the request for help from a specialist. On long hair, complicated hair does not easily run at home with your own hands. But if you want, you can handle it.

The most popular option – curly locks in falling curls. They are shifted to one side, laid forward, decorated with rhinestones and decorated with ribbons. The option “wet curls” results in a special gel. Be creative and original.

After processing “waves” you will get a fabulous aerial view of voluminous hairstyle with long strands. A wreath or a flower can not be mentioned above the French waterfall: this is already a classic of the festive possibilities. The picture is special, refined and sophisticated.

Popular hairstyles in the form of geometric shapes, for example, balls or bows. By the way, to create the latter option, you have to tie one of the simplest ways of laying a thin rubber band tail. Pull the strands and form a loop. The hair is only extended to the middle, partly from the outside.

The length of the eyelet is seven to ten centimeters. It is divided into equal parts and each chipped clip. The strands that do not intrude into the loop that formed the tail are woven into a braid or left loose. Throw a “tail” between the loop halves and attach with stealth or rivets. It remains to straighten the halves and remove the clips. The hair is ready. It can be worn for special occasions as well as for every day.

Because the hairstyle in the Greek style is characterized by lightness and slight negligence. Special ribbons, headbands, hairpins, weave and wave curls are used. There are no rules here. It is allowed to turn hair with curlers or curlers. You can pick up the curls in the tail and lay them on their side. As a decor – both pearls and flowers.

A special bandage helps to remove the hair from the back of the head. As an option – put the asymmetric curls, obviv she thin braid. For their locks, take the lower part of the head. Greek hairstyles are particularly in demand among the owners of sparse and thin hair, as they help hide the lack of volume with density. To create complex variations, it is better to use the help of a wizard that has multiple techniques and applies them at the same time. Gels, homemade masks, paints, mousses and foams are possible for attachment.

Haircuts for long hair

Beautiful and healthy hair – the main decoration of the lady at all times. But the conditions are changing and a complex styling is not always possible due to lack of time. They are replaced by fashionable haircuts. The most popular ones are cascades, ladders and a stylish bean, which make it spectacular every day and do not spend much time creating a picture. With modern hairstyles, a variety of pony coexist perfectly.


Cascading haircuts not only give volume to thin hairstyles, but the graduated version easily fits in any hairstyle. It will result in both a solemn version and a hairstyle for each day. Thus, the cascade received the deserved title “Trend year” by right. A more creative option is the asymmetric cascade.

It is ideal for young women who value creativity. Well-defined broad strands and carefree styling – grunge is self-expression and courage. And the addition of fashionable colors adds airiness and outrageous. True, and to lay every day will take about half an hour.

The picture is romantic – an elongated cascade with smooth edges between the strands of the strands. It is enough to turn the tips outwards or inwards – and different pictures with a spectacular shape are guaranteed.

Pony – a trendy accent. Multi-Tiering and Coloring are trends of the season. They will model the oval of the face and they will add uniqueness to the hairstyle. The most important advice of stylists is a combination of stacked or oblique thick bangs with cascades on long hair.


Even a regular pile of graduated strands looks romantic. Because the ladders on long hair are universal. Relevant options with soft edges. They are good on straight hair and with curls. Perfect look hairstyles with asymmetrical oblique bangs.

A very original version is a ragged ladder with clearly marked multilevel strands. Especially creative possibility in the color scheme. The length allows you to use “ombre” and this is the “highlight” of the season. Asymmetry with angled bangs and slightly sloppy styling is also popular.


Advanced hairstyle remains the most feminine and relevant. Lay it will be a minute to ten, and the picture with a straight thick bang, multi-layered and oblique variations is successful. Asymmetrically stylish car, the combination of an elongated car with noticeably longer strands in the rear is original and stylish. And layering gives variations of freshness.

Stylish haircuts are suitable for both straight and curly hair. The main thing – do not abuse means of strong fixation. Naturalness is in fashion. Trend – straight hair at the roots with twisted tips. It looks fresh and deliberately careless, and such a hair does not take time.

Experienced stylists can easily find the right haircut to highlight the beauty of natural wealth. On each length “ladder” is shown. Only the tips are removed. It results in a clean shape. The option is good for thin hair. Because it offers volume. And non-standard pony adds personality to the picture.

With thick curls you should better choose a cart. Get a natural volume. And without styling option looks luxurious. But what all stylists point out is color. Femininity will give fashionable shades of light brown and red. Ash blond – for those who want to change. The most popular technology – California highlighting and Ombre. But to do it at a high level, you can only be a master in the cabin. And with such stylish coloring, all haircuts look super-fair.

We make hairstyles for long hair with our own hands

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Frauen Frisuren für langes Haar. 230 Fotos.


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